We come from diverse farming and business backgrounds with a love for the plant and a knack for producing one of a kind products. A consistent theme in our past successes, which range from growing the best peach this country has to offer, to distilling a gold winning medal bourbon, has been to understand the region in which we live. This industry has seen amazing growth and expansion- not all of which has been good.


Located in beautiful Western Colorado, below the Rocky Mountains and along the picturesque Bookcliffs that stretch along the Grand Valley, we love calling Palisade home. Palisade is known for its unique climate and ideal growing conditions that allow each of our plants to reach their full potential. We find ourselves lucky enough to grow in a dry arid climate, with ample irrigation and a long growing season, but the one thing we don't have is expansive acres of land. We are not interested in large scale mechanized farming of industrial hemp- which has its place, but not here.



We feel strongly in offering a boutique, artisan product that will yield far better results than any thousand acre farm can ever come close to.  To make a name for Western Colorado CBD, we need good farming practices within the community, eliminated rogue pollination and unkept fields.

We don't always do things the easy way, in fact, you will usually see us taking the harder approach- but there is always a reason why. From propagation to curing, we pay close attention to every step and ensure that the result is going to be premium.


We stand by our product and hope you enjoy the hours of labor we have put into every single bud!

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